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Come to rural Herefordshire and I will teach you how to dye fabric with plants gathered from my dye garden, relief print, flora print, abstract paint and embroider.

Take a tea break and enjoy the panoramic views from Staunton-on-Wye, to the Black Mountains, Hay Bluff, the Brecon Beacons and to the hills of Rhayader.

The workshops will be run from a converted 19th century granary, on the farm where I live, and although it has been extensively refurbished it has lost none of its original charm with red brick walls, original wooden flooring and trussed roof.



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One, Two and Three Day Workshops

Plant Dyeing, Relief Printing, Abstract Painting, Flora Printing & Embroidery


Three Day Workshop ~ Friday, Saturday & Sunday ~ Plant Dyeing, Relief Printing, Abstract Painting, Flora Printing and Embroidery ~ £270 per person ~ as detailed below

Two Day Workshop ~  Friday & Saturday ~ Plant Dyeing, Relief Printing and Flora Printing ~ £180 per person - as detailed below

One Day Workshop ~   Sunday ~ Abstract Painting  and Flora Printing ~ £90 per person ~ as detailed below

The cost of each workshop is inclusive of lunch and refreshments, each day. Please advise of any dietary requirements or allergies when booking.  All tools and materials will be provided.

One Day Workshop ~ Sunday

Abstract Painting ~ Express your inner self and let yourself go as you free your mind of everyday objects allowing the ink to find its own place on the soft touch viscose fabric. Paint brushes are banned and the only tools available will be a teaspoon and your hands. Gloves will be provided. 

Two Day Workshop ~ Friday & Saturday

Friday ~ Dyeing Fabric with Plants ~ You will learn about mordanting fabric, then gather dye plants from my garden and process these for dyeing muslin. The fabric has been pre-mordanted as this cannot be done on the same day as the dyeing. To achieve the best results cellulose fibres require approximately 24 hours to dye. I will then provide you with a selection of designs from which you will choose three to carve.

Three Day Workshop ~ Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Friday ~ Dyeing Fabric with Plants 

Saturday ~ Relief Printing and Flora Printing 

Flora Printing ~ Although a more controlled craft, this is no less enjoyable. You will collect vegetation from the garden and then dissect this before reconstructing into a picture and printing onto pre-prepared calico fabric. The fabric has been prepared with a binder, as it needs to be light fast, which can take several weeks to complete. 

Saturday ~ Relief Printing ~ You will remove the fabric from the dye and put it to dry before you will be able to relief print this with the three designs you chose to carve on Friday. Whilst the fabric is drying you will undertake Flora Printing

Sunday ~ Abstract Painting and

Embroidery ~ You have created a plant dyed, relief printed muslin scarf which you will now embellish with embroidery silk threads. You will be given full details of the different stitches that are available to adorn your scarf. Embroideries do not always need to be complicated with masses of unusual stitches, sometimes less is best and can be more effective. 

As the seasons change, from summer to autumn, so the availability of dye plants in the garden will lessen and it will become necessary to utilise vegetable matter and go further afield to source more from the hedgerows.

2021 Dates at 
Calver Hill House, Norton Canon, Herefordshire HR4  7BW

23rd, 24th & 25th

  6th, 7th & 8th
20th, 21st & 22nd

  3rd, 4th & 5th
17th, 18th & 19th

15th, 16th & 17th

All workshops will be run from 10am to 4pm daily

The workshops are for all those who are interested in creativity, beginners and others alike. However, because of the type of tools used in some instances, they are not suitable for anyone under the age of 18 years.

PLEASE NOTE:  All government COVID-19 guidelines were put in place when I opened on 23 July, it may be necessary to cancel or re-schedule the workshops at short notice if there is another lockdown.  If we are allowed to proceed please ensure you bring face coverings with you when you attend. Social distancing rules will be adhered to, I have deliberately cut the numbers attending from eight to four.  Hand washing facilities and hand sanitisers will be available and you should utilise these as often as you feel is necessary.  Your safety is important.

Any money paid for any workshops cancelled due to Covid-19 will be refunded in full if you are unable to attend on an alternative date.

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